Of is located between Trabzon and Rize in coast of BlackSea Region. There are BlackSea in the North of Of, Hayrat and Dernekpazarı districts in the South of Of, Rize and İyidere on east of Of and Sürmene on west of Of. Area of the district is 330 Km2 and avarage altitude is 10 m.

Summers are cool and rainy, winters are warm and rainy. BlackSea climate dominates all seasons.

There are plateaus which have various height and size in the South of the district.

Of district has 68 quarters. Each village has a lot of quarters due to dispersed settlement.

Infrastructure service of our district has been completed in city center and rural areas. Both city center and rural areas have a normal transportation for going to neighboring provinces and districts in every season.

Thanks to selfless efforts of our sensitive businessmans, bureaucrats and politicians, Of Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been established with 14.10.2003 dated and 2003/80 numbered approval of The Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Our Current President of the Assembly Zühal AKYÜZLÜ is first woman President of the Assembly in TOBB history. Today 490 members are available in our chamber. There are 3 staff members and 10 tribes. The Management Board of Our Chamber consists of 7 people and The Assembly of Our Chamber consists of 20 people.

The ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System has been implemented in our chamber In October 2007 and Quality Management Certificate was given to our chamber.

Our Chamber had recourse to include the Accreditation System on 03.08.2013. The application was evaluated at the meeting of Accreditation Board on 16.11.2013 and our chamber has been included to 9. Period Accreditation Process. The process was completed with selfless works of members and staff members and The Audit, which was done on 25.11.2013, was successfully passed. Accreditation Audit was done in New Service Building of Our Chamber by independent auditing firm TÜRK LOYDU Industry and Certification Unit System Certification Unit Management Systems Auditor Orkun KUMRAL. Our chamber achieved taking accreditation certificate with given approval by TOBB Accreditation Board after Certification Audit which was successful.

Accreditation Standards base on “Basic Services” which All Chambers and Commodity Exchanges have to service their members and “Basic Qualifications” which they have to have. Exposing capacity, qualification and professionalism of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges is possible with applying successfully Accreditation Standards in real life.

Quality awareness is included in Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, prestige and types of service increase in business community, Chamber Systems close each other, adaptation is provided between Our Chambers / Commodity Exchanges and European Chamber / Commodity Exchange systems thanks to Accreditation Process.

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